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TC Warranty Plus

It’s always nice to be assured, even your car! This is an extension warranty to your original Nissan’ Manufacturer’s Warranty (private use vehicle only). This additional warranty covers the repair/replacement costs of parts (including labour) of your vehicle caused by a breakdown or failure of a mechanical/electrical part.

Other Benefits

Key Benefits

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Premium from as low as RM1.37 per day

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Affordable payment plan at 0% interest up to 12 months

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One-time warranty fee for coverage up to 4 years.

More Benefits

Guaranteed replacement or repairs with TC approved spare parts up to 7 years.

Preserved used car resale value as TCWP is transferable.

No inflation costs, as  TCWP is purchased upfront.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This program acts as an extension warranty to your original Nissan’s Manufacturer’s warranty (private use Nissan vehicle only). It provides coverage for the repair or replacement costs of parts (including labour) of your vehicle caused by a sudden and unforeseen breakdown or failure of a mechanical or electrical part. 

You are eligible for TCWP with following condition:

1. Nissan vehicle purchased from Edaran Tan Chong Motors Sdn Bhd or its Authorized Dealers with following manufacturer warranty: 

  1. 36 months / 100,000 km mileage for 3 years Manufacturer Warranty  
  2. 60 months / unlimited mileage for 5 years Manufacturer Warranty  

2. Maximum age of vehicle; 33 months / 80,000 km mileage, whichever comes first.  

3. The regular (Preventive Maintenance Schedule) PMS must be performed as per required intervals by any TCEAS Service Centers or its authorized service centres. 

We have 4 plans available which is EW150 and EW200 for 3 years manufacturer warranty and EW5+1 and EW5+2 for 5 years manufacturer warranty. 

TCWP is applicable to the following selected models – Nissan AlmeraAlmera 1.0T, Serena Hybrid, X-Trail and X-Trail Hybrid purchased from Edaran Tan Chong Motors Sdn Bhd (ETCM) or its authorized dealers only. 

3 major components are Engine, Transmissions and Steering System, please refer the brochure for the full listing. 

You are entitled for early bird price when you subscribe to TCWP within 30 days old from vehicle purchase or 1,000 km (whichever comes first), and only applicable to 5-year warranty programme. Regular price is within 33 months old from vehicle purchase or 80,000 km (whichever comes first) .

No, recommended PMS service interval is every 6 months or 10,000km (whichever comes first), however allowance acceptable for the PMS are as follows:  

Allowance: 1 month or 1,000km travelled will be given (whichever comes first)  

Maximum tolerance: (6 months + 1 month) = 7 months (maximum service interval allowable) or (10,000km + 1,000km) = 11,000km (maximum service interval allowable) 

Yes, claims limit in aggregate is as below (inclusive of SST):  

  • MYR 40,000 for EW150 and EW200  
  • MYR 30,000 for EW5+1 and EW5+2

Yes, you may request for a cancellation of this program within 14 days of the policy commencement date and we shall refund your premium in full provided no claim has been made

This program may be cancelled by either party at any time by giving at least 15 days written notice. Refund premium will be calculated based on a pro-rata basis by reference to the time cover is provided, subject to a 25% minimum retention amount. No refund of premium will be given due to cancellation if a claim has been made under this program. 


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Warranty Booklet (5Y)

5 Years Manufacturers Warranty

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Warranty Booklet (3Y)

3 Years Manufacturers Warranty

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