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24/7 RSA (Roadside Assistance)

Have a piece of mind. We are here to serve and protect you in the event of any emergencies. Whether your car broke down, needs a roadside repair, or even a medical assistance, we look out for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Save this number for your convenience in case of emergency:
Emergency Care Line 1800 88 3838

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24 Hours Breakdown Assistance

Towing assistance up to RM400 (Niscare or Rencare) and RM 300 (GoCare) per tow and unlimited number of times per policy period.

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Roadside Repair Assistance

Free labour costs up to 2 hours per event for minor roadside repair (e.g. jump start, battery replacement, change of tyre, fuel refill etc). Any parts costs incurred shall be borne by customers.

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Emergency Medical Evacuation Arrangement & Message Transmission

In the event of a medical emergency:

  • We will arrange for medical assistance through an ambulance or other transportation to the nearest medical.
  • Upon request from a customer, we shall endeavor to contact your family and keep them informed of your whereabouts.

Do's and Don'ts In Case of Accident


  • Stay calm

    Stay calm, exit the vehicle safely and park it in a position and location that will not obstruct traffic. Switch on hazard lights and place a warning triangle to signal oncoming vehicles.

  • Check for injuries

    Check to see if anyone is injured and if so, contact the emergency services (999)

  • Call us

    Call the TCIBS Emergency Care line at 1800 88 3838 for immediate advice and towing assistance.

  • Collect details

    Exchange vehicle and drivers particulars while waiting at the scene; registration numbers, drivers name and mobile numbers of all vehicles involved in the accident. If possible, take pictures of the damages.

  • Make police report

    Report the accident within 24 hours at the nearest police station with factual details for the report's accuracy.

  • Claim insurance

    Do allow authorised workshops to assist you in filing insurance claims against the responsible third party (ODKFK) if you are not at fault.

  • Be patient

    Allow authorised workshops a sufficient time to carry out the claims documentation process and quality repair work.

  • Check before signing

    Check your repaired vehicle before signing the discharge voucher and understand the warranty conditions for the replaced parts and labour.


  • Admit liability

    Do not admit liability or responsibility to anyone verbally or in writing.

  • Fall for stranger's offer

    Do not fall prey to call men and strangers who may offer help at the scene

  • Let be towed to unauthorised workshop

    Do not allow your damaged and immobilized vehicle to be towed away by unauthorized workshop to truck.

  • Accept offer from stranger

    Do not accept any offer of repair and claim services by workshops who are not authorised by N/Tc

  • Accept promises from stranger

    Do not accept any promises, waiver of excess, and or offer of free use of a courtesy car from strangers, including drivers involved in the accident, at the scene of accident

  • Play blaming game

    Do not attempt to determine who was at fault with the third parties at the scene.

  • Sign unread document

    Do not sign on any papers presented to you by anyone without first reading and understanding it.

  • Send representative

    Do not send any representatives to collect the repaired vehicle on your behalf.

What To Do In Case of Car Breakdown

No matter how bad the breakdown is, the first and the most important thing is not to panic and get upset.

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Stay Calm

Thankfully, catastrophic and sudden breakdowns are rare. Your car will usually give you some indication that it’s not happy. Listen out for unusual sounds and keep an eye on dashboard warning lights. Try to stay calm and keep others in the car calm as well.

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Stay Safe

When you feel that something is amiss about your vehicle, immediately start looking for a safe place to park and turn on your hazard lights. If you are on the highway, park in the far left lane for safety purposes.

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Stay Visible

Should you be on the road, find the most appropriate spot to park to minimize the congestion to the traffic. However, if your car breaks down in the middle of the road, it’s recommended to put the warning triangle about 30 meters behind your car to signal to oncoming vehicles. Be sure that your car is in neutral so that it can be manually shifted or towed if necessary.

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Make a Call

Call TCIBS Emergency Care Line 1800 88 3838 and inform them of your situation. Wait for the Rescue Team to check and determine if the car can be solved with a quick fix or to be towed to the nearest authorised service centre/ workshop.

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