Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’re here to help! Whether it’s about insurance, our products, payment or add-ons, you may find all the information you need below.

Motor Insurance
Q : What is motor insurance?
A :

Motor insurance is a compulsory class of insurance for all vehicles licensed to be used on public roads, as per the Road Transport Act 1987. It is a plan which covers the liability that you will have to pay to the third party in the event of accidental death, bodily injury or damages to the car. Besides that, it is compulsory to have at least a Third Party plan in Malaysia to be able to renew your annual road tax.

Q : What is the difference between car insurance and personal accident insurance?
A :
  • Car insurance is compulsory for all Malaysia’s drivers whereas personal accident insurance is optional.
  • Car insurance provides coverage for any damages to your car, injuries or death of the third party, and damages to third party’s property or car whereas personal accident insurance provides coverage for you if you face any injuries or death.
Q : How many types of car insurance are available in Malaysia?
A :
  • Third Party - Third Party Coverage is the cheapest and most basic insurance as it provides very minimal coverage in the event of an accident such as injuries, deaths or damages to the third party's car. This insurance coverage will not protect you but instead, it will only protect the third party involved in the accident. You will not be able to claim for any damages made to your car, but you can claim for any compensation needed to be made to the third party.
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft - Like the Third Party Coverage, it covers any claims made against you by a third party in the event of an accident which causes bodily injuries, death, property loss or damage caused by your vehicle. Besides that, this insurance policy provides extra coverage on any damages made from a fire or theft of your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance - A Comprehensive Car Insurance has a wider protection coverage compared to the other packages. It has all the coverage in the Third Party, Fire and Theft Coverage but instead of covering only the third party, this insurance covers your vehicle too. You will be protected for any damages or loss caused to your vehicle which covers more than just fire and theft. However, not every car is applicable to this insurance as it depends on the car age.
Q : What are the types of add-on coverage available instead of standard covered policy?
A :

We do offer additional coverage on top of your existing comprehensive motor insurance policy such as Windscreen Extension, Special Perils, Legal Liability to Passengers (LLP), Legal Liability of Passengers to Third Party (LLOP) and Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion (SRCC)​. We highly recommend that you opt for the most popular choice of add-on which is Windscreen and Special Perils while other add-ons are very much depending on your car usage. 

Another add-on to be considered is Personal Accident (PA) insurance which provides compensation and reimbursement to the policy holder or passengers in the event of an accident.

Q : What is Personal Accident (PA) insurance?
A :

Personal Accident insurance or PA insurance is an annual policy which provides compensation in the event of injuries, disability or death caused solely by violent, accidental, external and visible events. PA insurance is affordable, convenient and easily added onto your existing, basic motor insurance policy.

Q : What is No Claim Discount (NCD)?
A :

NCD is a discount for drivers who have not made any insurance claims during the preceding years of the insured period. If you didn’t file any claims over the years, your NCD discount will increase, however, once you make a claim, your NCD will go to 0% again and after 1 year of paying your full premium, you start building your NCD again. Private cars can go up to 55% of NCD if no claims have been made within 5 years.

Q : Which insurers can I get a quote from TCIBS?
A :

We're able to provide 13 quotations from below panel insurers: 

  1. Allianz General Insurance
  2. AmGeneral Insurance Kurnia)
  3. AXA Affin
  4. Berjaya Sompo
  5. Etiqa General Insurance
  6. Etiqa Takaful
  7. Liberty Insurance 
  8. Lonpac Insurance
  9. MPI Generali
  10. MSIG Insurance 
  11. RHB Insurance 
  12. Tokio Marine 
  13. Zurich General Takaful

For more information about the panel insurers, please click here.

Q : How do we determine the sum insured for your motor insurance?
A :

We follow the recommended sum insured which is based on the present market value by ISM Insurance Services Malaysia.

Q : What are the things you should look out for when purchasing motor insurance?
A :
  1. Price should NOT be the only determining factor when you buy or renew motor insurance especially with the detariffication of motor insurance in Malaysia.
  2. Emergency assistance, roadside assistance and towing services – is it free or charge? look for T&Cs and hidden charges. 
  3. Customer Service or Call Centres experience
  4. Claims handling and insurer’s track record.
  5. The sum insured; Don’t over-insure or Under-insure your vehicle  
  6. Add-on protection that you’d like to include into your basic plan.
  7. Cashback, rebate and rewards! Remember to check out their T&Cs.
Q : What is Betterment?
A :

Betterment is a portion of the cost that consumers will have to bear when the damaged part of the vehicle is replaced with a brand new original part. As the car will be in a better condition prior to the accident the insurance company will require the car owner to bear the difference in costs. This will be based on a scale of betterment adopted by the insurance industry as listed below (applies for both private use and commercial vehicles):

Age of vehicle and Rate applied (%)

  • < 5 years old - 0%
  • 5 years old - 15%
  • 6 years old - 20%
  • 7 years old - 25%
  • 8 years old - 30%
  • 9 years old - 35%
  • 10 years and above - 40%
Q : Betterment and towing service for commercial vehicles
A :

Nissan Commercial Vehicle - Betterment will apply as per charges scale issued by PIAM as above in the Betterment section. Your car can be repaired at any PIAM Insurers authorized repairers however its advisable to send your vehicles to TCEAS. Breakdown assistance is applicable up to RM300.00 provided by Tan Chong and accident towing is up to RM200.00 provided by insurers (on their discretion).

Non-Nissan Commercial Vehicle: Betterment will apply as per charges scale issued by PIAM as above in the Betterment section. Your car can be repaired at any PIAM Insurers authorized repairers including TCEAS. Accident towing up to RM200.00 provided by insurers (on their discretion).

Q : Why should I renew my motor insurance with TCIBS?
A :

We’re one of the pioneers in the insurance industry and we’ve been in the scene for more than 50 years. With that, it’s no question that today, we are a leading professional insurance consultancy based company providing all classes of general insurance for individuals, families and corporations in Malaysia.We launched innovative products through partnerships with our esteemed panel insurers to constantly meet customers’ ever changing needs. Have you heard of Niscare, GoCare, Rencare, TC GAP Protector, and TC Warranty Plus? If you haven’t, well, you should. These products provide a comprehensive package and attractive value-add benefits to you.

Q : What should I do if I don’t remember my insurance expiry date?
A :

Don’t worry! We will be sending you reminders at least 30 days prior to your insurance expiry date.

Q : Who can I contact for assistance?
A :

You may reach us here at We will revert to you soonest we can!

Q : How do I renew my insurance with TCIBS?
A :

You can do it online at Alternatively, you also can call us at 1800-88-8185, email us or walk-in to our ETCM/ TCEAS Branches.

TCIBS Online Renewal Portal
Q : How do I renew my car insurance via TCIBS online portal?
A :

Super Easy! You can do it here. Firstly, you need to key-in the Vehicle No. and IC, postcode and region to proceed. We will provide you with quotation comparisons, if satisfied, just select your preferred insurer and proceed to pay. That’s it! You’re done and we will deliver your policy via given email. 

Optional: You may register for an account to view your purchase history and quotations.

Q : What are the types of charges involved in online road tax renewal?
A :

The charges involved are road tax charges and service charges by MyEG.

Q : Is this online portal available all the time?
A :

Yes, this internet-based service is available 24/7.

Q : Who can use this online portal?
A :

The TCIBS online portal is available to anyone who has a Malaysian-registered vehicle with JPJ.

Q : What are the benefits of renewing my car insurance with TCIBS online portal?
A :

It is hassle-free, time-saving, cost-effective and accessible at any time. You can also compare and choose what's best, most beneficial, and affordable to you.

Q : Is it safe to renew my road tax online?
A :

Yes, it is safe and secure. The road tax renewal through TCIBS online portal is verified and approved by JPJ and the Malaysian Government.

Payment Methods and Purchase Status
Q : How do I pay when renewing via TCIBS online portal?
A :

We accept FPX Online Banking, Credit card or Debit card.

Q : Which payment gateway is used by TCIBS ?
A :

Our online payment service is provided and operated by iPay88.

Q : What happens if I have insufficient funds in my credit or debit card?
A :

Your transaction will be rejected.

Q : Can I renew motor insurance and road tax for my family and friends?
A :

Definitely yes! As long as you have sufficient info of their personal and vehicle details.

Q : Is there a limit to the number of transactions or amount I can make in a day?
A :

Yes, our payment gateway (ipay88) limit is at RM6,000 per transaction, however the credit or debit card limit is subject to your available limit or balance in your credit or debit card account.

Q : I have made a payment using a credit / debit card, how can I know that my payment is successful?
A :

Once the payment is successful, you will receive a notification on payment details via your given email address.

Q : How do I know if my purchase is successful?
A :

You will receive an email of cover note and cash sales. E-policy will be sent in a separate email. In any case that you did not receive any email confirmation, please login to your account and check your purchase status or call 1800-88-8185 for immediate assistance.

Q : Who do I call to enquire about my transaction status?
A :

Kindly call the bank to enquire about the credit card payment status. For debit card transactions, you may check your internet banking portal.

Q : Will my account be debited immediately upon successful credit / debit card transaction?
A :

Yes, your debit card account will be debited immediately and your savings/ current account will reflect the change accordingly. For credit cards, your available credit limit will be reduced accordingly.

Q : My computer froze while processing payment. How do I know if my payment made is successful?
A :

All successful transactions will receive a confirmation email that contains your purchase details. If you have not received any email, please email us at or call us at 1800-88-8185 for immediate assistance.

Q : Are there any additional charges for using a credit / debit card?
A :

There is no extra charge whether you choose to use your credit or debit card.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Our representatives are ready and available to assist you in any forms of enquiries.

Q : How do I request for a premium refund?
A :

The refunds will be based on the terms and conditions of TCIBS and the panel insurance provider. Refund of premium will be made by the represented insurance provider's deemed appropriate method.
There will be no refund of premium in the event that claims have taken place during the then current period of insurance.

Q : Can I cancel the insurance policy?
A :

Cancellation of the insurance policies are subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance provider. For further inquiries, please contact us at 1800 88 8185 or email to

Motor Detariffication
Q : What is motor insurance detariffication?
A :

Detariffication means removing the tariff structure (fixed price). This will allow insurance companies to charge premiums at a different price that correspond to its consumers' risk behaviour based on the business risks models and strategies. The detariffication of motor premiums offers more innovative and competitively priced motor products.


Q : How do insurance companies determine their premium pricing?
A :

With the detariffication, every insurance company will have its own pricing models based on different characteristics of drivers and vehicles such as gender, driver’s age, usage of car, claims experience, occupation, vehicle make and model and other related factors.

Q : How will detariffication benefit you?
A :

At a glance:

  • Different premiums rates since it’s based on the driver profiles, business risk models and strategies
  • A wider range of risk-based pricing motor insurance products to cater to your needs
  • Leverage on insurer’s continuous improvement includes customer experience, service level, operational efficacy and marketing strategies.